Emergency Laceration Kit - 2 Devices with Gauze and Antiseptic Wipe


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Product Details

This complete kit contains two (2) 0.5” sterile microMend Devices​ to effectively close a wound up to 1”, with 2”x2” gauze and antiseptic wipe.

  • AVOID STRESSFUL, EXPENSIVE TRIPS TO THE ER with affordable, easy-to-apply, safe and secure rapid skin closures. Eliminates the need for stitches.
  • IDEAL FOR KIDS - PAINLESS AND QUICK SKIN CLOSURE: This laceration repair kit is ideal for treating your family's cuts and lacerations. Easy as a bandage to apply and in seconds the wound is closed with the holding strength of sutures.
  • SUPERIOR HOSPITAL GRADE FIRST AID WOUND CARE: Rapid skin closure devices allow you to care for lacerations wherever they occur; be it at a sporting event, camping, hiking or at home.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TO REDUCE SCARRING in 90% of patients compared to stitches.
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I have used the MicroMend skin closure device on myself. It is incredibly easy to use, painless to apply and don’t even notice that it is on. It is also easy to remove. I would recommend it highly for any small laceration as defined in the packaging. I cannot be more pleased with the results. - Mina Cohen


Great product. I applied it to my daughter's cut and it worked amazingly well. It was so easy and fast. She felt no pain. The wound healed great and there is no scar. - Ron Barr 


First time to use this sort of thing. Good healing, minimal scarring. - Kathy S. 


The wound definitely healed better than sutures I have had in the past. Smaller scar, less pain! I would recommend this to anyone. - Sue M. 


Here are my observations using microMend: No discomfort, easier to clean, esthetically more pleasing appearance, easier to tell overall wound health. Would definitely use product again. - Sam P.